Escort Tips

What Do Escorts Expect From Clients

Escorts are individuals who are interested in selling their time to you in exchange for money. There are indeed many kinds of escorts that you should know about before you try and hire one. There are escorts that do not sleep with you, these are the kind that will be your companion, and you are literally paying them to spend time with them. As a client, you should do everything you can to make sure that even the escort has a good time with you. You should not be under the impression that the escort should put a lot of effort into making you happy just because you are paying her. That is indeed a pathetic stereotype.

–    Make sure that the escort is legitimate before you make any payments. She should be sure that the escort is an authentic one even before you meet. How you can do this is, you can try and locate their website and also see if they have advertisements. Ask them why they don’t have any if they don’t have any. A lot of independent escorts do not have ads, and they also tend to keep their profession under wraps.

–    You are expected to be on time when you fix a meeting time. Do not make the escort waste their time, because, for them, time is money. You should let them know that you may be late if you are going to be late. Tell them how late you will be. Make sure that they are okay with you being late.

–    You should know what is in store for you when you are with the escort. Do not ask them to do anything off-menu or anything that would offend them.

–    You should also never discuss sexual acts and even money in those terms or in person. This would be in the interest of your own safety because if it is a sting operation, you could easily get caught if you say anything illegal out loud. Therefore you should make sure that you use escort lingo. When you are in doubt, kiss the escort, and if they kiss you back, you are set.

–    You should not wait till after you have sex in order to pay them money. Money first, always. If you have to refer to money at any time, make sure that you refer to it as a gift and not a payment. It would not be a good idea for you to hand the money to the escort. You should rather set it down and tell them to collect the “gift”.

–    They will definitely love it if you treat them well and with a lot of respect.