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Custom handsewn leather goods....Specializing in the American Fur-Trade Era
"Everything I sew, I make as though I were keeping it for myself."

Stitchin' Scotsman Moccasins


This is the most common moccasin on the plains. It is made with one piece of leather that folds across the foot and is sown around the front and side with a seam up the back. It comes with either a hard sole attached or the standard soft sole. The Low Top version has a leather tie threaded through the ankle opening. The High Top version has a six (6) inch piece of leather attached at the ankle opening that wraps around the ankle to keep out dirt and it also protects some against thorns and brush scraping the ankle. It also has a leather tie to hold wrap closed.
See Picture. Prices below.

High Top Sideseam Moccasin

High Top Sideseam Moccasin

Low Top Sideseam Moccasin

Low Top Sideseam Moccasin

Hard Sole Low Top Side Seam Moccasin: $80.00
Hard Sole High Top Side Seam Moccasin: $110.00
Soft Sole Low Top Side Seam Moccasin: $50.00
Soft Sole High TopSide Seam Moccasin: $85.00


This has a seam up the center of the moccasin that extends from below the toe up the front to the ankle opening and has a cuff that folds down from the ankle opening. There is a leather tie that threads around the ankle opening and ties in front. Centerseams are an "either foot" moccasin.
See Picture. Prices below.

Eastern Center Seam Moccasin ... Product 045

Soft Sole Eastern Center Seam Moccasin: $50.00

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