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Custom handsewn leather goods....Specializing in the American Fur-Trade Era
"Everything I sew, I make as though I were keeping it for myself."

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Hello in camp! Welcome to The Stitchin' Scotsman's Home on the Web.

Our Mission

I have been sewing for over 25 years and I am fully dedicated to quality craftsmanship of authentic Period leather clothing and moccasins up to the 1850's. Everything that I make is handcrafted by me and customized to your order.

Let me tell what I do. All my leather goods are first quality elk hide leather except ladies dresses, which are first quality deer hide. My work is 100% hand sewn by me; no sewing machines or "hand sewn where it counts," etc. I use handspun flax (brown Linen thread) instead of artificial sinew. Artificial sinew is waxed nylon; which over time can stretch the sewing holes and cause tearing. Linen thread is what was used then and is better than real sinew, which can rot if it gets wet and doesnít dry properly.

The time period I deal with is up to 1850 and styles are mainly Western Mountain Man and Plains Indian because of my library. If you have seen something you want copied or a personal design you wish to have created, send your ideas, drawings, and or a photo along with your size specifications and I will give you a call to discuss your plans. The more specific you are the easier it is to make up your designs. Almost anything IS POSSIBLE!! With your ideas, I can truly put together a "one of a kind" garment made for you and you alone. Needless to say, it is absolutely necessary to have accurate measurements and full instructions to make a garment that fits well. If there is any question you have about anything, email or call. It is not possible to return a one of a kind, made to order item, as it will not fit anyone else. Pictures of some articles are included here and I will send references upon request.

Moccasins are available with either hard or soft soles. The Side Seam moccasin was the most common style and is our most asked for moccasin. Moccasins come in two colors now Smoke and Medium Brown. If you are interested in a particular tribe or style moccasin (other than the ones I have listed) please call or write for availability and pricing.

Hand work, takes a little longer, but I believe that the extra care taken will be worth the wait, as leather goods are not only very comfortable but are easy to care for and also very durable. Orders on done on a first come, first serve, basis. I will phone you when your item has been shipped. If you are under a time gun, please let me know as I can usually put a rush order out sooner, depending on my backlog. (Winter is usually my slowest time). I now include a garment weight sample (in smoke) and moccasin weight sample in medium brown to help you visualize. Gold is still available, but smoke and brown are my largest sellers.

PLEASE NOTE: Elk hides come from hunted animals and they are not farm raised. Because of that, there are always a bullet entrance and/or exit hole to deal with on larger garments. The average entrance hole is the size of a dime and the average exit hole is the size of a fifty cent piece. If either of the two holes can't be avoided, they will be sewn shut unless the customer requests that I don't and wants to use their own "where I got shot" story. If the customer wishes absolutely no holes in his/her garment then they must say so before the work is started. There will be substantial extra charge because of the extra leather that would be used. There is rarely a small hole sewn up somewhere in the top section of the high top moccasins but never in the foot section.

"MY GUARANTEE": If, at anytime during original ownership, any stitching fails on any garment that I made, just return it to me along with adequate turnaround postage and insurance, and it will be repaired at no extra charge.

Call me at (641) 895-6950 (please let it ring until I can get to you) or email at with your ideas, questions, for price information, or just to palaver. I will be changing the pictures every now and then and will be happy to include pictures of you, all dressed in your new duds when you send them in to me.


I am buried in commercial scrap leather pieces! I will send up to five pounds of quality scrap leather to anyone for FREE. Limit is five pounds only and one order to each address. Leather color, types and sizes will be mixed. Customer pays all shipping costs. Single rate shipping is also now available through USPS. Just send me your zip code and I will give you a shipping price.

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